challenges for a preschool

Although the development stages and requirements of children and adolescence are common knowledge, the reality of elementary pedagogy and the educational system do not meet the high demands and do not realize the full potential of our children.

The educational systems and ways of learning are still based on concepts developed more than 100 years ago where children are “filled” with basic knowledge in order to comply with outdated curriculums not reflecting todays requirements.

Instead of promoting an approach which is non-linear, quantic, full of novelty and probability, heterarchical, based on biology, structures and patterns with focus on variation, approach the focus is still on a linear, Newtonian, predicable, deterministic and average-oriented view.

In order to cope with challenges of today, children need special competencies.

The first tech preschool

In order to help children to grow independent and responsible, we have created a new curriculum based on the latest interdisciplinary and scientific standards of knowledge - brain research, psychology, pedagogy, development.

This curriculum allows children to adopt essential competencies to meet current and future challenges. It incorporates that early promotion is a continuous process and learning needs to be prolonged outside the nursery home in the family environment.

The design provides educators with all the resources required to individually promote the children and releases the educator from preparatory tasks and assures that the progress of the child is transparent and objective and not in the responsibility respectively judgement of a single person (e.g educator).

The Tekoneko curriculum institutionalizes continuous learning by providing structure, content, supervision and quality assurance considering languages, physical activity and healthy nutrition essential to the success of the development process.

We do not distinguish between playing and learning phases; playing is learning.

Our activities are based on real-life situations and challenges.

We work solution-oriented, challenges will be resolved together and feedback is an important element of the learning process.

Children are unique, develop individually and therefore require individual levels of attention and support.

pedagogical premises

All development areas of a child are considered equally important and promoted in a balanced way.

We have an integrated STEAM focus which is displayed in all aspects (facility, material, equipment, educators, partnerships) not only punctual involvement.

Knowledge building and development of soft skills are equally important.

Experiential pedagogy is essential to the success of early promotion.

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