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avant-gardist technological education for children

Tekoneko is an expert and full-service provider of avant-gardist STEAM education for children.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Our activities are structured with a focus on the experiential pedagogy, so children would not make a difference between learning time and playing time. The conceptual design is based on the latest interdisciplinary and scientific standards of knowledge and it provides real-life situations and challenges for children.

Our objective is that children grow-up as happy and independent persons.

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We' ve started to create the first STEAM  academy available online for children. This will be available soon.

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We are continously in search for the best way to teach children how to learn

The Tekoneko curriculum design allows children to adopt essential competencies to meet current and future challenges. All development areas of a child are considered equally important and promoted in a balanced way. As part of the design we create many and distinctive stimuli in order to promote curiosity that makes learning an organic process.

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